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At Breakup Angels, I support and empower clients by untangling the real causes and difficulties behind family conflict and serious family crisis, jointly finding cost effective solutions with my client. I tailor my services to the individual and their situation with 1-2-1 confidential support over the phone and online.

Clients find practical solutions fast and reduce the emotional anguish which is often present when they are faced with such sensitive issues such as:

Relationship breakdown and marriage breakdown.
A serious family crisis involving children; this may also involve children's services, e.g. schools and social workers.
Issues arising from ill health – yours, or someone close to you, e.g. a relative with signs of dementia which has knock-on effects with the whole family.


My approach With any sensitive problem, confronting the truth and seeking help is difficult but the quicker you do, the easier it is to find a way to get back on track. Breakup Angels offer a safe place to offload anger and sadness and find solutions; I ask powerful questions designed to uncover issues fast, saving client's time, money and stress. Reach me on the form here or you may call or e-mail - details are shown below.

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